Around Town

Weatherford is a great place to enjoy life!

SWOSU hosts many events that are open to both students and the public. Most popular are the
Panorama programs ranging from Broadway type shows to speakers, from comedians to acrobats,
and everything in between. Students can access the Wellness Center on campus while the Y has
programs for all ages of the public.

The City of Weatherford maintains the large public pool and at Rader Park the Splash Pad, Sand Plum
Walking Trail, Frisbee golf, and the Ole Fishing Hole as well as lots of ball fields. Pleasant public parks can be
found in several locations around town. Important to all these is the safe environment in Weatherford.
Fair weather evenings will find many walkers out and about.

The Heartland Cruise Motorcycle and Car Show in June is a fun event if you are in to things with wheels and
motors or not. Everyone has a good time.

Also during the extended summer months, Music on Main Street offers a variety of music types in outdoor
concerts at the gazebo in McPhretridge Park on Main Street—— unless it rains, then at the Stafford Air and
Space Museum’s Apollo Room. All free to the public.

Speaking of the Smithsonian affiliated Stafford Air and Space Museum, you won’t want to miss the special
exhibits and events there. They are out of this world. Yes, a pun was intended!

Good times can always be had at the bowling alley, coffee houses ( one even offers a group Trivial Pursuit game
one evening a week ), and restaurants that offer a fast bite to relaxed dining with a beer or drink.

Shopping is great in Weatherford from Walmart to speciality shops in Town Centre on Main Street. The latest
trends are offered by merchants aiming to make shopping fun.

Enjoy it all!